Transmission cables for digital surgical microscopes and cameras

Transmission cables for digital surgical microscopes and cameras

Digital microscopes and cameras in the operating room, both conventional and hybrid, require reliable transmission of high-resolution images. Whether established 3D and 4K visualization or augmented reality, cables need the ability to transmit brilliant and noise-free signals without interruption. The imaging devices are subject to special maneuverability requirements, among other things; they require integrated recording components or light management and co-viewing systems. Under these conditions, cables must be able to transmit signals flexibly and in as small a space as possible via different standards, such as USB and Ethernet.

Criteria that often need to be considered include, for example, equipment connection via a ceiling supply or an articulated arm that is to move in all axes; also the use of computer-assisted robotics, the intended connectors and connection geometries, and electrical interference in the integrated operating room.

In order to be able to implement customer-specific modifications according to these requirements, the cable specialist SAB from Viersen relies on close customer contact. Since line production is carried out exclusively on series production lines, every prototype here is also a series product. Measurements can be taken on the cables, which are available in lengths of 100 m and more according to the supplier, under real conditions on both the meter goods and the assembly. Complete cable assembly is part of SAB’s offer.

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