Online Training: Characterization of CMOS Cameras

Online Training: Characterization of CMOS Cameras

Framos announces a content update for its November hands-on training. According to the company, the speaker, Professor Albert Theuwissen, is one of the most renowned experts in the field of image processing. In the intensive training on November 24-25, he will explain how the performance characteristics of CMOS image sensors or CMOS cameras can be determined and evaluated.

The topic is interesting for designers and engineers who do not have explicit developer knowledge but already have basic experience with digital imaging and are professionally involved with CMOS image sensors or CIS cameras. The training will be held in English.

During the course, participants will learn all the performance parameters of a CMOS camera that play a role in the data sheets. You will learn how to measure camera characteristics in the dark and in the light, focusing here on those aspects that play a role in the evaluation: various noise components and electro-optical parameters such as MTF, quantum efficiency, blooming, linearity, saturation capacity as well as dynamic range.

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