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With its focused reporting on data generation, data collection and data transmission as well as their analysis, the “new/old” specialist magazine mpk is the only specialist title on the market.


The trade magazine mpk conveys directly usable practice-oriented information through technical essays and reports. Possible solutions are discussed and presented in interviews and roundtable discussions and substantiated with practical relevance in specialist articles.

The editorial spectrum covers all areas of sensor technology, measuring and testing technology, industrial communication and process control technology.

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mpk offers decision-makers and designers everything they need for the development, design and operation of complex, technical products and systems.




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New: The mpk Podcast

In the mpk podcast we discuss the most exciting future topics and trends with entrepreneurs,
business leaders and product managers. Get inspired what will the
production of tomorrow look like? How is digitalisation changing our work, industry and society? And
how can companies successfully shape the transformation and what products do they need for this?


Listen to the mpk talk and let yourself be told!