Analytics software solution for process automation on the AWS cloud platform. Image: Seeq

Chemical Industry enters IIoT with Seeq

The chemical companies Covestro and Allnex have decided to deploy Seeq’s software solution across the enterprise for their operations on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform. Seeq is a provider of software for manufacturing data analytics and a successful transition to industrial IoT (IIoT).

IIoT for the Process Industry

With Seeq, engineers and scientists working in the process industry can analyze and predict processes, and communicate with each other across different levels of operations. This should ultimately lead to improved production results. “Innovation is long overdue in analytics software solutions for manufacturing companies,” states Megan Buntain, Director of Cloud Partnerships at Seeq. “When Seeq is used in chemical companies to drive new developments in big data, machine learning, and informatics on the AWS cloud platform, access to many features can be made easier.”

Digitization in polymer and synthetic resin manufacturing

With annual sales of more than €10 billion and more than 30 plants worldwide, Covestro says it is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of polymer materials. To drive digitization in the chemical industry, the company uses Seeq analytics software worldwide. Covestro makes extensive production data available to its experts and data science teams, enabling direct exchange and constructive problem solving in real time. At the virtual AWS Industrial Web Day, which took place on July 21, 2021, Covestro was able to vividly demonstrate how Seeq software has helped to optimize operational processes or predict future developments, among other things. Allnex ranks among the leading manufacturers of industrial coating resins. Today, the company operates 33 production sites worldwide. As part of its digital transformation initiatives, Allnex also chose Seeq analytics software to efficiently connect data provided on the AWS cloud platform to gain a comprehensive understanding of all data generated in process manufacturing. According to the company, using AWS and Seeq ensures very high data security on the one hand and enables advanced analytics on the other.

Available on the AWS Marketplace

Seeq agreements can also be procured using the AWS Marketplace, according to the company. The process is simple and attractive to industrial customers due to additional discounts available through the AWS Enterprise Discount Program. In addition, all Marketplace sellers are immediately verified on AWS. As of 2019, Seeq is certified as an AWS Industrial Software Competency and available through AWS Marketplace. Source and image: Partner with Seeq: