Digital pressure gauge with IO-Link

Digital pressure gauge with IO-Link.

Digital pressure gauge with IO-Link

According to the manufacturer, the first digital manometer with IO-Link, type MAN-LC for 24Vdc operation, is used for displaying, monitoring and remote transmission of pressure-dependent operating sequences in machines and complete systems. The device is also optionally available with a battery, the digital manometer type MAN-SC.

A ceramic or metal sensor detects and measures the pressure and displays it via electronics. The monitor functions can now be operated via capacitive touchpads. The devices are individually adaptable, depending on the purpose and area of application: the battery-operated manometer is particularly suitable for on-site monitoring.

The most important features are:

The new alphanumeric 14-segment (trans)reflective LC display offers a 5-digit full display with a digit height of 16 mm.
The electronic display module can now be rotated in 90ᵒ increments, which is ideal for side or overhead installations.
For perfect positioning, one can adjust the measuring port steplessly up to 360° after installation.
Wear-free capacitive touchpads are provided for device operation.
A large selection of units of measurement that can be changed at any time is now available in the programming menu, for example kPa, MPa, bar, mbar, psi, kN, N, torr, inWC, mmWC, inHg, USR (user-defined measuring unit).
There is a peak value memory as well as password protection and factory reset.
Battery life has been increased, to one year with a standard alkaline battery and 2.5 years with a lithium battery.
The zero setting (tare) for adaptation to local conditions is easy to operate via the menu.
A protective rubber sleeve is available as an option, ideal for changing test tasks and harsh environmental conditions in permanent installations.
In addition to the common standard measuring ranges in bar and psi between -1…0 to +1600 bar, the measuring ranges are also available from 600 mbar.
The selection of process connections has been expanded. In addition to the usual G and NPT threads, metric connections as well as customised versions are available. Furthermore, a wide variety of diaphragm seals can be fitted to meet a wide range of process requirements.

Kobold offers a feature that will benefit many industrial applications: the calculation of the force value included in the programming menu. It results from the measured pressure value and an individually programmable reference surface. Applications are in construction testing and safety, for example for testing anchors and fasteners in masonry and concrete to enable conformity assessments and certifications according to DIN EN 1090. Another application, however, is force measurement and testing in plants, machines and all common types of connections, says the manufacturer.


The two configurable outputs can be programmed by the customer as desired. Analogue, frequency and alarm outputs are standard, and an optional pluggable relay module with 2x potential-free SPDT contacts is either factory-fitted or available as a retrofit kit.

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