Frequency analysis without programming

Configuring instead of programming

Frequency analysis without programming

The Twincat Analytics software offers a complete workflow from data acquisition, data storage and analysis to the dashboard for continuous machine monitoring.

The effort for commissioning engineers and service technicians to calculate, for example, a frequency spectrum for a selective check of the machine was previously quite high. The now available Twincat Analytics software reduces a programming task to a mere configuration task: all condition monitoring algorithms are available in the Analytics Toolbox and can be simply dragged into the interface and configured. The result values are then delivered at the output of the modules, which can be displayed graphically and clearly in the charting tool due to the interaction of Twincat Analytics and Twincat Scope View.

In this way, according to the manufacturer, the Twincat Analytics Service Tool (TE3520) provides the machine operator or service technician with an easy-to-use solution and an optimally interpretable display of results. Continuous monitoring using the condition monitoring algorithms can also be configured in the Twincat Analytics Workbench (TE3500) and automatically converted into readable PLC code. This code can then be downloaded to the local machine controller or to a remote device to perform the necessary calculations in parallel with the machine application. The Twincat HMI visualisation solution is also available here, which automatically creates an analysis dashboard.