DC power supplies: two variants for higher currents

DC power supplies: two variants for higher currents

Rigol Technologies adds the DP813(A) and DP822(A) models for increased current output to its DP800(A) series DC power supplies. The previous peak current of 10 A now increases to 20 A for the DP813(A); the single-channel device can operate either in the low-voltage segment at 8 V, 20 A or in the high-voltage segment at 20 V, 10 A. The dual-channel DP822(A) is designed for 16 A peak current; the channels can be variably set up to 20 V, 5 A and 5 V, 16 A, respectively.

Both instrument versions are equipped with a sense pin corresponding to the channels capable of delivering 10 A or more in order to account for the voltage drop of the test cables, which must not be ignored at higher currents.

With the exception of the DP822(A) series, all current and voltage values can be increased by 10 %: The DP832(A) series, for example, can thus be set and operated with 33 V and 3.3 A on channels 1 and 2. For the 16 A output of the DP822(A), a 5% increase to 16.8 A is possible. The devices can be operated as constant current (CC) or constant voltage (CV) sources, depending on the type of load.

Due to very low ripple and good noise performance, the manufacturer recommends the complete series for applications that require a very clean power supply. Rigol also highlights the very good line and load control.

The power supplies are equipped with overvoltage/overcurrent protection. The multi-channel devices contain isolated channels that can be combined in pairs, both in parallel and in series, to increase the current or voltage. A timer for the output of voltage or current profiles is integrated as standard.

Source and image: www.rigol.eu